Adish Oswal

Adish Oswal, a third-generation entrepreneur from a prominent Indian textile business family, currently serves as the Chairman & Managing Director at Vardhman Polytex Limited—a flagship entity of the Oswal Group with a remarkable 74-year legacy in the industry.

A Commerce graduate from Delhi University, Oswal enhances his leadership skills through continuous education, attending programs at renowned institutions like Harvard University, IIM Ahmedabad, and ISB Hyderabad. His unique vision and business perspective contribute to elevating the group's success.

Passionate about personal development, Oswal actively participates in transformative self-improvement programs, including sessions with Tony Robbins and Swami Parthasarathy. He is a member of global organizations like YPO and EO, fostering a vast network of entrepreneurs. Additionally, he has played key roles in industry associations such as CITI and NITMA Punjab Committee.

With over 20 years in the textile sector, Oswal is the driving force behind the group's strategic initiatives in areas like Strategy, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Corporate Communication, and HR Excellence, showcasing a diverse yet integral skill set.

Oswal's visionary leadership has propelled the Oswal Group to surpass expectations, diversifying into dyeing, fashion garments, and real estate. The group's expansion includes the highly regarded athleisure wear brand, Edrio, and the prestigious Vardhman Amrante project, reflecting a commitment to multifaceted growth.